UN/DOT 38.3 Part 1: The Basic Regulations

Regulations for lithium batteries From laptops and cellphones to electric vehicles and battery banks, lithium batteries power the world.  Lithium chemistries provide high energy densities, long lifespans, and flat discharge curves, making them an ideal choice for many products or applications. However, lithium batteries can be dangerous and prone to thermal failure. Everyone knows about…

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Battery Charge Control Provides Safe Charging and Long Cycle Life

Battery charge controllers regulate charge rate and cut off charge as necessary Well-designed charge control circuitry helps ensure a long, safe life for a battery pack. As we discussed in our previous article on return on investment[PD1] , you can’t measure the value of a battery pack based solely on initial cost, capacity, efficiency, or any…

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Aved Electromechanical Box Builds


Custom engineered, sourced, and manufactured electromechanical boxes and front panel assemblies that are ideally suited for OEMs and integrators of industrial controls, large-scale security systems, and robotics have been introduced by Aved Electronics of North Billerica, Massachusetts. Aved Electromechanical Box Builds and Panels are fully integrated, cabled and connectorized assemblies that are 100% tested for…

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Design for Manufacturability: Reducing Costs Through Design

A DFM review anticipates manufacturing, assembly, and inspection challenges Custom battery packs succeed or fail based on a multitude of factors. Thermal management, battery management, charge control algorithms, cell chemistry, and cell count and orientation all play essential roles in the performance of a battery. The right choices in these and other areas can deliver…

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The Costs and Benefits of Active Cooling

Active cooling provides substantial performance benefits—but it isn’t always necessary or cost-effective Charging and discharging batteries generates heat, and heat hamstrings battery performance. Long-term operation at high battery temperatures can shorten cycle life, harm cell health, and create safety hazards. Effective temperature control is essential both for battery performance and to pass the various safety…

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Navigating Battery Safety Standards and Regulations

Battery regulations are all about safety To bring a battery or a battery-powered device to market, compliance with regulations is essential.  Before you can sell batteries and battery-powered devices, you must comply with a laundry list of regulations and standards. Batteries have to meet various safety standards to be sold in different jurisdictions. Aside from…

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Design Considerations for High Cell-Count Battery Packs

High cell-count applications present unique battery management and thermal management challenges Battery pack design is a complex, multi-step process with many decisions. After cell chemistry, perhaps the two most important decisions in battery pack design are the number of cells and the arrangement of the cells. Chemistry determines, among many other properties, the nominal voltage…

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Battery Management Systems Ensure Safety and Reliability

A BMS collects data, calculates vital statistics, and controls battery function All batteries work safely and effectively within certain optimum conditions. Using them outside these conditions can shorten productive life and create hazards. For instance, overcharging a battery may both reduce its capacity long-term and be dangerous to users. However, the outside appearance of a…

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How Battery Chemistry Determines Performance

Battery chemical reactions are at the heart of battery design Well-designed batteries power your equipment efficiently, reliably, and safely for a long lifespan. To achieve this combination of ideals, engineers evaluate certain design parameters, including voltage and power needs, length of duty cycle, temperature conditions, price, and more to guide their design choices. Battery chemistry…

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Battery Thermal Management Ensures Safety and Performance

For battery safety and performance, invest in a battery thermal management system Battery thermal management allows batteries to safely and effectively provide power. At their heart, battery packs are conveniently-packaged electrochemical cells. When the battery is charged or discharged, a chemical reaction occurs. Like many chemical reactions, these reactions depend on temperature. Thermal management is…

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