Custom manufactured large format power solutions that are designed for manufacturability and incorporate the best chemistry for the application have been introduced by Aved Electronics of North Billerica, Massachusetts.

Aved Large Format Power Solutions range from 48 V to 200 V systems with up to 100 Amp pulse draws and can be designed from concept through regulatory compliance from a variety of chemistries made by leading manufacturers.  Designed for manufacturability to meet application requirements, they can include high cyclability, embedded control systems for unmodulated power, BMS design, precise application simulation, and complete in-house testing.

Utilizing industry leading test equipment including Chroma, Arbin, and Maccor, Aved Large Format Power Solutions are each end-of-line customized with the appropriate testing.  Engineered to meet OEM requirements regarding cell type and battery chemistry optimized in terms of voltage, cycles, pulse rates, capacity, charging, temperature and packaging, typical battery packs include all primary lithium technologies.

Aved Large Format Power Solutions price quotations for OEMs are available on request.  Aved is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ITAR registered.

For more information contact:

Aved Electronics

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