Lithium Battery Design for International Standards

Lithium batteries are defined as dangerous goods by the United Nations, which specifies the very stringent manufacturing and testing requirements the batteries must meet. Specific requirements to ensure they can be carried safely by air in both cargo and baggage are determined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and these are then reflected in IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations.

The requirements differ for carriage of lithium batteries as cargo depending on the chemistry of the battery (i.e. lithium metal or lithium ion), and whether the batteries are shipped on their own or packed with or contained in equipment. Generally, lithium batteries are subject to all of the ICAO/IATA requirements for dangerous goods as
cargo (e.g., marking, labeling, declaration, and training). However, small quantities of small lithium batteries are excepted from many of the requirements, e.g., Shipper’s Declaration or dangerous goods acceptance, but all batteries are subject to the testing requirements of the United Nations.

Furthermore, even when small enough to benefit from the exceptions mentioned here, lithium batteries shipped on their own or with equipment (and when more than two batteries or four cells are contained in equipment in a package), the packages are required to be labelled with the lithium battery handling label and the consignment must be accompanied by an additional document that provides safety related information.
Aved Electronics abides the strictest interpretation of the regulatory standards for shipping lithium batteries. Aved’s design team and logistics department will work with customers to comply with DOT and International standards for transport. Understanding the global nature of our business, Aved is well versed in product safety design, compliance testing, and effective packaging and shipping instructions.

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